Monday, April 23, 2012


Hello my lovelies!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful stitchy weekend!! I didn't get to hermit Saturday away like I wished, however I did make progress on both Jane and TBF.  Saturday was such a gorgeous day that it was a sin to stay indoors!! I had to be outside soaking in the sun! You never know when we will get it again, so we jump at the chance to soak in the know to reserve that Vitamin D!! Saturday night, I went to a pre-going away party for two really good friends that are leaving us to go on a cycling adventure in Europe, then live in Montreal for a couple of years.  I am happy and sad at the same time for them.  I'm already saving up money so I can visit them in Montreal, a city I have always wanted to explore. 

So here are my photos of my TUSAL tulip, yes a tulip! I thought it would be cute to put it in the tulip instead of a jar.  There really isn't much in the way of orts seeing as I didn't get a heck of a lot of stitching done this month. 
Oh that Titus always interested in what I'm doing!! As you can see, not a lot of threads!! 

While I was writing this post, I got my package from!! I ordered a couple of new fabrics.  One is jobelan, which I have never used before, I am quite excited to try it out. It's very soft!! I also received some black lugana.  Never worked with black before! I already have two projects in mind for the black lugana!!! Can't wait to start them!! I also ordered this lovely chart from Carriage House Samplings. I love the bird and the swirly flowers!! Not sure when I will start that project, hopefully sometime this year.  I really love it!

As for the IHSW results, I worked more on Jane than I did on TBF.  I just loved stitching Jane's motifs, especially the big pink flower on the upper left corner.  I worked a bit more on the border and I think I will continue working on the border today.  I ironed out Jane for the picture and when I took her out of the Qsnaps, I am rather happy with my progress. She is such a large sampler and I have a lot more to do, but that means I get to extend and savor every moment of stitching her!!
Titus showing me how he can do a Yoga stretch.  He always does this pose! It's his favourite one!!

Well, that's it for now.  A nice short, stitchy post.  I hope to finish a couple of projects this week, stress on the word "hope!" I will be visiting blogs today to check out everyone's TUSAL's and IHSW results!!

I almost forgot to mention that I've been thinking of doing a giveaway when I reach 200 followers! I only need two more people to join! Thank you for taking an interest in little ol' me and my blog!! I'm not exactly sure what the giveaway will be, but I have a couple of ideas floating in my mind!!

Take care and have a wonderful week!




Deb said...

Your Jane is looking wonderful. I love the funky A&E!!

Pauline said...

Nice post!
I love your stories and your needlework!

Melissa said...

Tulsa Tulip - now that's a first! Titus maybe eying the tulip and not the floss! Julius has taken to eating my tulips so I can't have them inside anymore! boo hoo!

Your Jane is looking beautiful!

I hope you do get to go to Montreal, and of course, once you're there, you have to visit Quebec City! Save, save, save, Anne! ;-)

Mouse said...

oooo love your tulip orts container ,,lol and titus is being very nosy there too ... love his pose wish I could do that
gorgeous progress on your stitching and I agree you need to get out in the sun too ....
well done on your follower hope you get a couple more :) love mouse xxxxx

Margaret said...

lol about your tulip orts. Love it! And Jane! Ahhhhhhhhhh....... Ok, I think I need to get to this one sooner than I thought. lol! I looooove it!!!! The colors! The motifs! Looooove..........

Mia does that yoga pose too. lol! I think Titus puts more back into it than Mia though. More flexible? :D

lesli said...

First off, Titus is adorable!! Our kitty does the "yoga stretch" all the time!
Your ORTS are displayed beautifully, nice idea!
That Carriage House Samplings chart is gorgeous...can't wait to see you start it!!

Nurdan said...

I like every single details of your post very much. Thanks for sharing.

By the way, I fall in love with your handsome cat. He is adorable...



Vickie said...

Nice stitching, so much accomplished. I like the looks of Strawberry Blonde. :)

McKenna C. said...

How creative to put your ORT in the tulip! Nice purchases. :) Your stitching is beautiful!


Kaisievic said...

Lovely post - your kitty looks so relaxed and your progress on Jane looks really good.

Kaisievic said...

Lovely post - your kitty looks so relaxed and your progress on Jane looks really good.

Ewa said...

What an absolutely lovely idea putting your ORTs in a tulip! How wonderful! Love seeing your stitchy progress (and reading your wonderful stories). Any idea on the knotgarden date? Curious nosy people want to know! :)

MoonBeam said...

Great photos...stitching and kitties! That Carriage House pattern does look interesting. Have fun with your new fabs.


Veronica said...

I love your TUSAL tulip. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers. The other one being a rose.

Titus is such a ham. Too cute!

Jane looks great. Quite a bit of progress since your last update. TBF seems to be moving along well too.


Agi said...

I love your new Carriage House sampler! And your Adam&Eva is going along real nicely. I was also thinking about trying out black, but first I want to finish my wips (only a HAED and 2 Chatelaines :)))

Stitching Noni said...

Great TUSAL container! Good to see Titus looking after your ORT's. Your stitching looks fantastic. Well done ;0)

Maud said...

Hi Anne,
Love your TUSAL tulip! And oh my, how gorgeous Titus is!

Chris said...

Hey Anne!
Glad to hear that you got to play in the sunshine some this weekend.
What wonderful new stash. I love the new chart. I also love your TUSAL tulip.
You are making great progress on Jane.
Hugs to you and Titus :)

Julie said...

Nice stash and your doing great on Jane.

Can you not do some more on the Tea Cup one. ;) Cheeky i know,but i do like that one.

butterfly said...

I love your threads in the Tulip.
Beautiful cat you have.
Love your stitching great post.

Kathy Ellen said...

Titus looks adorable posing with your Tulip TUSAL....very original idea too!

Your progress on Jane is just gorgeous, and I'm so glad that you are savoring every stitching moment on her.


Anonymous said...


Your tulip TUSAL looks great!

Lovely progress on your WIPs.
Love the pic of Titus doing Yoga!

Ranae said...

I can be expecting a package from 123stitch too, can't wait.
The linen looks fabulous, have fun with it
I love how you displayed yout TUSAL, very clever idea.
The WIP's are looking fab

geeky Heather said...

Ah, I love the tulip TUSAL!!

I would totally take a yoga class from Titus. =)

valerie said...

Great progress on Jane and TCF! Nice stash too. I am debating a stash order but I should be good...although I have a gc burning a hole in my pocket! lol

Autumn said...

A very creative way to show your ORTs and great kitty models to help you with this post!

Great stitching. I admire your work.

Meari said...

Stitching looks great. Cool idea of putting your TUSAL in a tulip.

Dani - tkdchick said...

If you make it to Montreal let me know, I don't mind making the 2hr drive from Ottawa to meet up!

I love your orts in the tulip ours are up but not out yet!

Wonderful new stash!

Good progress on your WIPS

Sally said...

Nice new stash. Those fabrics look lovely.

Nice progress on your stitching.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I love your TUSAL Tulip!

Your Jane is looking beautiful - what a spectacular piece that will be! I love it!

Lovely new fabrics, too!

I'd also love to go to Montreal - will do it one of these days (maybe by train)!

I will follow as soon as I get home - can't do it from work but I have added you to my blog roll!

Thanks for visiting me!

Lynn said...

What a neat idea to use the tulip for your orts! Titus looks impressed too!
Your WIP are looking fabulous and I adore all your new stash. I love stitching on Jobelan and another one I love is Jazlyn. Sometimes though the jazlyn is too soft and you get a lot of fuzzies while stitching.

Montreal is an amazing city so I do hope you get the chance to visit. I used to go quite frequently when I lived in Cornwall but now the only time I visit is usually on my way to visit my son in Quebec.

Joysze said...

ANNNIIEEEE! There's the tulip. It's gorgeous... and Titus.... ROFL!!!! OMG, he's too adorable for words.

Oooooh, nice stuff from 123... I wonder when the ECC stuff will get there... ;)

Ok.... I don't think you should post Titus pics so close to stitchy pics, cos I tell ya... that cat wins every single time. ;)


cucki said...

aww very sweet stitching..i love it so much..
lovely new stash..
big hugs
cucki xx

RuthB said...

Love, love, love the TUSAL tulip! Brilliant. :)

Congrats on your progress-- I'm going to have to try and remember that bit about a big project giving me the opportunity to savor lots of time with it, as opposed to swearing at it for taking so long.

Catherine said...

How very clever of you ~ love your tulip TUSAL!!!
Great stitches and Titus is such a cutie ~ looks so soft!

Carol said...

How cute is your tulip TUSAL, Anne :) And I love your new stash. I think you'll really enjoy stitching on black. It is one of my favorites for ornament finishes. Not sure about doing a large design on it, having never tried. But, I love how well all the colors show up on it.

Lovely projects--Jane is a huge piece, indeed. More to love, right :)

Wow! Sure wish I was as limber as Titus. Cats do have the right idea on the importance of stretching--that's for sure. I'm so glad he came into your life...

Enjoy your weekend :)

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :D