Monday, March 12, 2012

Jane, a Bee and a Fairy

Hello my lovelies!!

The coffee's on and I'm sitting here with a warm blanket and looking out the window at the tree tops, which are all askew.  You guessed it! It's blustery here again! Not too chilly, just super windy! I went outside this morning to see the hubby off on his bike and nearly got blown over! March definitely has been acting like the royal lioness that she is!! I'm really hoping for some warmer weather.  It's been 6 long months of cold.  I'm done! Bring on the sun!! Although I'm sick of the cold, it's kinda nice sitting here by the heater with my blanket and cup of coffee...thinking about stitching...thinking about new charts I want yet can't have...thinking of new smalls to make...finishes to be completed.  I think I'll whip up two today!

So, I have actually finished 1 of the Rak's and I have to say, it's adorable!! Now, after I finished it, I just couldn't decide who to give it to because, well, everyone is so lovely and supportive and I want to give gifts to all!! However, I don't have 8 sets of arms--SHOCKING I KNOW!!--so, I put names into a bowl and pulled one out. That way I let chance choose. I'm keeping the rest of the names in the bowl for the future. If you haven't sent me your addy, please do!  Now all I have to do is find a small box to put it into and mail it off. The hunt is on!!

Onto Jane, the bee and the fairy.  I have been having a bit of stitching ADHD lately, not really sticking to one project.  I stitched a bit more on Jane but put her down to do some proper finishing.  I finally stitched up Shepherd's Bush's Tiny Garden "Fob".  It's a bit too big to be a fob for any of my three scissors, so I have it displayed instead.  I love the little bee pin from my hubby's grandma.  I think it's the sweetest thing!!

Since the silk ribbon is so tiny, I found that the loopy effect that I wanted didn't work as I had hoped.  Next time I get silk ribbon, I'll get the slightly larger kind.  Plus this was so fiddly and took an age to stitch around the pillow!

Here's some progress of Jane.  I finally got Adam stitched in.  He's a bit shorter than Eve! I double checked the counting and well, he is shorter than her by a few! My hubby loves the little lion under the tree.  We also had a laugh at the skin tone of A & E! It's very bright! Like they've been in the tanning bed for too long and came out looking like lobsters!!!

Hmm.  Seeing this photo makes me think I should recount again, just to be sure!! Although, that gap by Eve's calves is where the snake is going to go.  So maybe that's why Adam is short? Anyways, I will try and satin stitch the snake in after I finish the tree.  I've done satin stitching a LOOONG time ago in Grade 12 when I took a textiles course.  My mom is really proficient at satin stitching, so perhaps when she comes to visit in a couple of weeks, I'll have her around to help me out! I'm pretty excited for her to come!!! YAY FOR MOMS!!!!

The fairy.  Remember my Tea Bath Fairy?!! Well, it's been since November that I picked her up and put in a stitch! I've been feeling bad about having her stashed away in a box.  So I pulled her out two nights ago and set about filling in more teeny tiny stitches! I used a hoop since Jane is sitting in the Qsnaps...too lazy to take her out! I forgot how long it takes just to do a small area. This piece will take me awhile, that's for sure.

Oh Titus!! I had to get him off after I noticed he tried to get in the picture! He started playing with the thread that was attached to the fabric!! Luckily he was gentle and no damage was done.

Onto other news.  The strike action last week wasn't too bad.  I "demonstrated" up at a school I haven't been to before, but knew two of the teachers.  They were a lovely bunch! It was nice to see lots of people honking and showing their support.  Plus, we had the nurses union and other CUPE members join us because their contracts are up in 3 weeks and it looks like this government will mandate a "Net-Zero" for them too. 
We wanted to make our own signs but were given these ones to hold.  They were really heavy to hold when the wind started up!!!

And just for fun, here's a couple of photos of one of my favourite secret places in Gastown, Vancouver.
Titus helping me find interesting vegan recipes to make for Lent. He loves to help out!!

Okay, I need to go and start sewing and finishing some things and find that box! I will end my post here and thank you all for your support and kind words!! I have been really blown away by some of the amazing stitching going on!

I also want to send out my prayers to the people in the United States whose lives and homes have been affected by the terrible storms.

Hugs for all,



Ewa said...

It was SO WARM here a few days ago I was wearing some shorts and heels and then it got FREEZING and windy and generally unpleasant, sigh. Your finishing is lovely and Adam and Eve look great :) Personally, I think Eve should be taller than Adam ;)

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Wonderful stitching! I love your Shepherd's Bush finish. SO pretty!


Annie said...

The SB piece is so sweet. The ribbon may be fiddly, but it looks really nice with that loop trim.

Given that A&E lived outdoors in the sun, totally naked til 'the troubles', I'm not surprised that they are the tannest kids on the block!

Very springy here right now (although the weather is highly changeable at this time of year!). Hope it gets nice and warm where you are soon as well.

Carol said...

I am just amazed at the detail in your Tea Bath Fairy, Anne--it is so realistic looking! And your A&E is really coming along nicely, too... It's so nice that your mom is a stitcher too and can help with satin stitching.

Your SB is adorable and I love the idea of putting old costume jewelry on your finish. Maybe I'll have to raid my mom's jewelry box next time I'm visiting :)

Don't let that wind blow you away now!!

Mouse said...

ooo we have had some beautiful weather here at the mouse house these last few days too :0
love the wee fob it is soooo cute :)well done on getting the bath fairy out too and Titus hope you managed to get some good recipes ;0 love mouse xxxx

Barb said...

So pleased you did not blow away Anne, or you would have been doing a Mary Poppins impression.
Love your stitching, Watch out for that serpent although Titus may keep an eye out for your.
Love your Sb finish , in a moment I am getting my SB stitching out for my Monday SAL.
oh the Tea Bath fairy looks soooo delicate well done on being brave enough to stitch it and thanks for showing it to us.

Margaret said...

Glad the picketing was ok. Hope you all are successful. I really really hope so. I'm sick of the government messing up our children's education. :(

Your Jane. Ooooooooohhhhhhh..... I'm doomed. I really really need to stitch Jane. I just started another Jane though, so this Jane will have to wait. It's always funny when A&E are interesting colors. lol! Your Jane -- sigh. gorgeous.

Love your SB fob too -- the bee pin is perfect for it! Tea Bath Fairy is progressing too!

Don't you hate the wind? Seems like it's been windy so much lately. Yuck.

BeckySC said...

LOVE your SB finish and Jane is looking amazing!

Deb said...

Our weather is starting to warm up around here finally. I'm sure that it will be short lived though.

Just love your little pillow and your progress on Jane. A& E sure look funky! I mean that in a good way!!

Ranae said...

Rain here, but at least its warm
I love the SB finish the little bee is too cute and perfect for it.
Jane is looking amazing
I love your secret place

Vickie said...

Great stitching Anne. Titus obviously continues to work out with you guys, he seems so happy. :)

geeky Heather said...

Beautiful progress! I love that sparkly bee pin. =)

Chris said...

Wow, Anne, I am glad the picketing went ok.
The stitching and finish are wonderful.Hello Adam :)
Hugs to you and Titus.

Melissa said...

Ann, I'm glad to hear you weren't affected by the storm. It sure was a doozy this morning!

Your "fob" is really cute. The little bee pin is perfect for it. You're making good progress on Jane - it's always nice when A&E finally get in the picture!

Take care!

Anonymous said...


just found your blog.

I love the photo of the trees in the wind.

Your Shepherds Bush finish is really sweet and your sampler is lloking great.

love Titus he's gorgeous!

Pauline said...

What a nice pictures! Love to read your blog, but i am sorry: my english is bad...very bad, so it is hard for me to say anything.
Still follow you!!!

Kathy Ellen said...

Ahhhh.... Your Shepherd's Bush pillow is so sweet, and the darling little "bee" pin is just perfect on it. Hope that you are enjoying the warmer weather there.

Meari said...

Your fob turned out adorable, and the other stitching looks great.

Glad the demonstration went well.

Veronica said...

Wow! It sure is windy over there, seeing how the trees are bending over. Do keep warm!

Your SB fob pillow is so cute. That's the prettiest bee pin I've ever seen. Nice progress on A&E and TBF :)

Oh, I love that bench photo you shared. Seems like a lovely corner to while away some time.


Dani - tkdchick said...

I love the little touch of your grandmother's bee! Your stitching looks fantastic!

Joysze said...

Anniiiiiiie!!! Did you also notice that A&E have the same body shape? ROFLMAO!!!!!!

Holy wind!!! Next time, see you can catch a gust that'll blow you to see me. ;)

Awwww, I love your pillow and the bee is darling!!!! I think the silk turned out beautifully. Kinda like the bee leaving a flying trail before landing. :D

Love your secret corner, doubley love your pics! :D


♥ Nia said...

Tiny Garden looks so adorable!!! =) Great finish! Congrats!! :D
Love your pics!! :D
Hugs to you!!! :)

Catherine said...

What a sweet finish is Tony Garden! Great projects you are working on ~ looking forward to seeing more!
Glad your picketing went well and I hope the process continues to work in your favor.
I love the picture of your favorite place (will you show some of your other favorite places?) ~ I just love brick and stone work!

valerie said...

Ugh, it is so windy and rainy here this week too! Looks like you've been busy. Love the progress on Jane, Tea Cup Fairy and the SB fob is sooooo cute! Those Gastown photos are fantastic!

Topcho said...

The bee and Jane are great, but this time almost all of my love goes to the Tea fairy! It's looking awesome! <3

Angela said...

I just love your SB fob finish, it's so pretty :)

Great progress on your other projects too!

Sally said...

Your SB finish is so sweet. Love the little bee.

Jane and your Tea Cup Fairy are coming along beautifully.

You never know what the weather is going to do next. It's been crazy the world over it seems. Last week we had temps well up into the high teens and this week it's so cold again.

Kaisievic said...

Really interesting post - thanks for sharing all your news with us.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Rhona said...

Sometimes winter is just too long! We've had a some lovely spring weather here - I'm hoping it's going to last! Great stitching and that little pin is just adorable, it goes perfectly with your stitching!

Rhona said...

Hi again, Anne,
I'm giving you the Liebster Blog can find the details at my blog!


Valentina said...

Hi Anne, nice progress on your stitches, Tiny Garden looks super nice!