Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Queen's Finished and She Looks Good!

The Queen's Sampler is complete! I really enjoyed stitching this design by Plum Street Samplers.  The silks were dreamy and the 40 ct linen wasn't too bad to count on!! I actually really like 40 ct. now and can't wait to stitch on it some more! Here she is in all her finery.

Started March 2011
Finished September 2011
Stitched on 40 ct. Vintage Examplar Lakeside Linen
Used NPI silks
The Queen's Sampler by Plum Street Samplers

What do you think of the frame? It is an old frame I bought when I was a teen down in Gastown, Vancouver.  I might want a wooden frame, but since I already have this one and it fits perfectly, why not right?

After finishing Elizabeth, I motored onto With Thy Needle and Threads freebie and am loving how this is coming along!! The stitches just pop out of the fabric and it's a really nice break to stitch on 32ct.  The piece of linen I'm using was gifted to me by a VERY generous friend! Thank you so much for the linens!! 
I tried to email Brenda, but since there is no email attached to her profile, I will thank her here. Thank you for the lovely pattern!! 

Now I am thinking of restitching the letters and making them a bit darker, more in the brown tones.  I am finding that the colours are far too close to the leaves, and I really want to make the letters pop, especially of mine and my husband's initials.

I also have been slowly working on Tiny Rose Mandala, but I often need a break from the stiff fabby.  It's pretty but hard to work with!

Soooo, I'm nearly at 100 followers and it's close to my blogoversary.  I'm thinking that when I hit 100 followers, I might as well combine the two.  The problem is, I can't decide what to give away. I have a couple pieces of linen and aida that I could give away, some DMC threads (not many specialty threads that haven't already been used), and some lace bits.  So what do you think? Shall I add those plus a pincushion to the mix? I've added a poll to the side.  You can choose all, 1, or however many you think would be good.

I'll close the poll a week from today and hopefully I'll be at 100 followers.  Psst, pass it on!!!

Take care and happy stitching!!

PS: Going to a union meeting tomorrow, so we will see what happens with the strike.  Maybe it will clear up some of my questions!!


Lynn said...

I think that frame is the perfect choice for your finish! It looks fabulous!
I certainly hope this strike isn't a long one. I've gone ahead and voted. Here' hoping you reach that 100 milestone soon. Congrats!

Agi said...

I really like the frame, I think it looks stunning!

Mouse said...

oooo frame really suits it .. very regal :) and love the freebie too and I think you do need to change the letter colour a wee bit :) well done on the almost 100 and the blogaversary .. off to do the poll :) love mouse xxxxx

Tiki said...

Very nice finish! The frame seems to suit it perfectly.

Joysze said...

Congrats on the Liz finish, Anne. Love it and I love how you've framed her up!

WIPs are looking great too.... hmm... is that an opal lugana you're stitching Tiny Rose on?

Hope all goes well at the meeting tonight.

Teresa said...

The queen looks just lovely in the frame.
Cute freebie you are working on.
A give away should be whatever you want to give.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
PS - My daughter says take a job no matter what the circumstance is at the time.

Veronica said...

Queen Sampler looks great! Congratulations on the finish. I think the frame is perfect for her. It has a touch of glamour which suits her, don't ya think? ^.^

I'm now a Follower of your wonderful blog.

Melissa said...

Congrats on the "Royal" finish! She looks marvelous and that frame is perfect!

Bec said...

Very nice finish! The frame could not be more perfect. Congrats :)

Siobhan said...

Congratulations on the finish!! I don't think you could have chosen a better frame--the gold works well with the crown and the whole royal feel of the piece. Love your WIPs, too!

Carol said...

The queen looks so perfect in that frame, Anne! I think you should stay with that choice :)

Love your With Thy Needle freebie--isn't it fun to stitch? The border gets a bit tiresome, but I just broke it up into bits and pieces and the end result was worth it.

Good luck at the union meeting. Hope things resolve themselves very soon...

Sally said...

The Queen's Sampler is gorgeous Anne. Love the frame too.

I love the look of the With Thy Needle freebie.

Topcho said...

The Queen's Sampler is beautiful, and the frame is just perfect for it. Love the other wips too!

Joy said...

The queen is so deserving of that frame...nice finish!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great stitching and fantastic frame. I have frames I bought years ago just waiting for the right project.

Blu said...

Elizabeth looks amazing! And that frame is the perfect choice.

mdgtjulie said...

Grats on the finish. I love that frame too. Here's hoping some of your questions are answered. And grats on all the progress. Both projects are looking lovely.

Kathy Ellen said...

Oh...I absolutely love the Queeen! She is just beautiful, crowned in all her glory, and the frame is just perfect too! Love your WTN&T pumpkin freebie too, and the Tiny Rose Mandala is so beautiful too. My, but you have been a very busy little stitching bee!

I will look forward to your 100th blogaversary. My favorite selection for your giveaway is the top photo collection with "I caught the stitchin bug", which is so cute!

Kaisievic said...

The Queen looks wonderful - great frame. Lovely that you have had it so long and that you can use it now.

I can't wait until I can stitching it myself!

cheers, Kaye xoxox

NOSTROMO said...

WOW! It's amazing and magical!
Excellent! Very nice!
I fell in love with this work!
Welcome to my blog:

sana said...

Congratulations on completion. Wonderful hue!! I love this frame!

Pumpkin said...

What a beautiful finish, especially in that frame!

Your WIPs are lovely :o)