Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snowdrops, Jasmine Tea, Radiohead

Hello all!

I have not been very well at all this week so no stitching was done, except for a wee little bit on my Hobbit Town.  So I thought I would write about some things that make me happy, especially today now that my fever has subsided and I'm feeling more like myself.  One of the best things in the world for me to see is the heads of snowdrops and crocuses pushing through out of a semi-frozen ground.  They are the first signs of spring, a reminder to us that our mornings will no longer be in darkness, the smell of the earth renewed and the flowers in bloom.

Another wonderful thing about today is the release of the new Radiohead album.  I have been a VERY big fan of theirs for a long time since their first album came out when I was in high school.  This new album does not disappoint.  In fact it is just what all of their fans needed: something soft yet still pushes forward.  

Thom Yorke dancing in Lotus Flower

My selection of teas

And about tea.  I received an amazing selection of teas from my mother for Christmas and I am still working through many of them, savoring each flavour. My favourite is the hand-rolled Jasmine flowers.  The tea is very delicate and subtle in flavour.  

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A wee bit of Hobbit town stitched when I was slightly feverish.

PS: the blogger format within posting does not match up what actually gets posted so I am still trying to figure out (fiddle around with) these details so please be understanding and patient with me!

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