Sunday, February 6, 2011

Heart Completed

A completed heart for my hubby.  I have to say that the heart is a very finicky shape to sew.  Next heart I sew, I am going to sew by hand.  I found that sewing the heart up was the worse part of the finish.  It's a bit of a wonky finish, but it's finished nonetheless! I take my hat off to all those ladies who finish things perfectly.  Good thing my cell phone doesn't take very good close ups so you could see all the flaws! Regardless of the flaws, my hubby will love it and cherish it (I hope!) Oh, and the little wooden bead I used was a leftover bead from my old Ukrainian dance necklace that I found lying around! I knew one day it would be put to use!!

Finished heart!
Backing fabric
Blurry close up of his initials


Bec said...

Gorgeous! :)

Great finish. Love the bead, it gives it just that little bit extra.

You'll have to tell us what your hubby thinks! I'm sure he'll love it.

Meadows08 said...

I love it Anne! The finishing is great and the bead is a perfect touch, very personal, just as a Valentine should be :) Hope he loves it!

sana said...

Sweet heart. Good beads.I am convinced that your husband likes this wonderful heart.

Rhona said...

This is lovely! I'm sure your husband will cherish it. I can imagine how tricky it must be to stitch the heart shape, I'm certainly not that brave! lol