Monday, January 23, 2012


"Jane Says"

Jane says
I'm done with Sergio
He treats me like a ragdoll
She hides
The television
Says I don't owe him nothing,
But if he comes back again
Tell him to wait right here for me
Or just
Try again tomorrow
I'm gonna kick tomorrow
Gonna kick tomorrow
 by Jane's Addiction

This is the song that runs in my head now when I say "Jane," and it's always in Perry Farell's voice!! I also think of Jane Eyre, my favourite book in the whole wide world!!!

This will be such a short post.  My last post was way more interesting that this one will be.  I got a wee bit done on Jane.  I stitched Friday night and had to pop some advils to stitch...but the pain still came through so I had to leave her be.  Saturday was a trip to the dentist, YUCK!, and then babysit my little cousins at night.  We played "Extreme Uno" which was a lot of fun!! The game can go on forever!! Sunday, I managed to sit down and watch "Persuasion" and stitch.  I think I have a thing for Ciarin Hinds.  He really is handsome! I love him in Rome too! While I was watching the movie, I felt as though I had watched it before, which is odd, because I felt that way when I read the book in my early twenties.  I have no actual memory of reading the book, but while I was reading it, I noticed all these side comments on the side in MY writing when I was teen?!!! Now the movie too! Why is that with Persuasion?  So weird.

So here's my progress picture of Jane!!
As you can see, I finished the dark green vine at the bottom of the sampler.  I added more of the grass and I couldn't resist adding the two flowers and the beginnings of a tree!! Yay for Jane!! Sorry for the greyish photos but it is horrendous out much RAIN!

A side note, my hubby is watching youtube videos of people driving in the snow.  LOL!!

Also, as I have been making my way down my blogroll, there are a number of blogs I can't comment on :(  This is because of "embedded" comments.  I tried using internet explorer, but that doesn't work either.  For whatever reason, this just started recently for me. I takes me to a blank "loading" page and won't let me go back and try again.  I've been struggling with this for the past half an hour!  I want to leave comments on your lovely stitching and pictures but I can't!!! Hopefully this will be worked out soon!

Giveaway: Sana, from Japan, who is a lovely woman and so talented, is having an amazing giveaway. Her blog is one of the blogs that is giving me problems.  I can't seem to open up the giveaway link :(  Check her blog out anyways.  Really beautiful stitching!!!

Take care!!


Edited: I'm using Mozilla Firefox  :D


Margaret said...

Jane is looking great! Of course you had to add some of the good stuff inside. lol! I really want to stitch this sometime. Hope your dentist trip helped with the pain -- no fun! lol about your DH watching videos of people driving in the snow! As for your commenting problem -- have you tried Firefox? or Google Chrome?

Annie said...

Jane looks lovely. And aren't you clever to add your own special touches.

I have Firefox and sometimes I have the same comment issue that you do. Blogger can be very sensitive and quirky, just like so many of us!

I like to watch people drive in the snow when I'm bundled up and warm inside. I like to watch them shovel it too!

Agi said...

I had the same problem with commenting (Explorer), but I did not know this is the reason, I thought simply the server is overloaded or something. I will try chrome, it usually solves the problem, but still it is quite annoying. But your progress is great!

Helena said...

Как интересно! Я не могу сказать,что Джейн Эйр моя любимая самая книга,но она замечательная! И все-таки,видимо,фактическая память есть:))
легких крестиков!

cucki said...

jane is looking so lovely..
very sweet stitching xxx

valerie said...

Jane looks great and some progress is better than no progress! You might have a search engine issue. I heard Chrome give the least amount of problems but I'm loyal to Firefox still.

Joysze said...

Loving Jane, Anne!! Awww, how's your shoulder doing today?

Re blogger... try Chrome:

Great browser. I use it exclusively on my Mac at work and PC at home.


EvalinaMaria said...

Your WIP looks great. Thank you for the link to Sana's blog.

Lynn said...

Lovely progress on Jane!
I'm glad you found Firefox. I was going to suggest either that or Google Chrome. I'm pretty much using the latter all the time now. The latest update of Internet Explorer created problems where we were no longer able to use our wireless scanner until Microsoft finds a patch for the problem.

The Maiden said...

I love the floral border, it is perfectly Jane! Firefox solved the problem for me, so I am glad you found it.

Anonymous said...

Jane is looking lovely!

♥ Nia said...

Pretty wip :)

Julie said...

Jane is looking good.

On Chrome now,much better and faster,just me thats slow now. ;)

Nicola said...

Jane is looking good, cant wait to see more photos of your progress

missy-tannenbaum said...

Your Jane project looks really good so far, and like it's an interesting project to work on, too! Best of luck as you continue on with it!

TammyK said...

Jane is looking awesome Jane :-)Hope you're feeling better and out of pain.

TammyK said...

I meant Jane is looking awesome Anne, my fingers type faster than my brain can think :-)

Rita said...

Great work for a busy weekend ehehe

Colleen said...

Hi Anne, I'm new to your blog, found you through the IHSW link. Jane is lovely. So many of my blogging friends are or have stitched Jane, I just might have to add her to the wishlist.
I too have had problems trying to leave comments on the IHSW blog list. I see in the comments many have switched to Firefox or Chrome. I think it is time for a change. Happy Stitching!

Kate said...

Jane is beautiful!! :)

Siobhán said...

Your WIP looks great! I wonder if my daughter and I have seen Persuasian. I'll have to look it up and see if we have. I love that time period for movies!

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :D I love Jane Austen my favourite is Pride and Prejudice

Meari said...

Sorry to hear about the headache, but the stitching looks nice.

Ewa said...

Ciaran Hinds is kind of AMAZING. Really classy and sophisticated. Great actor and a great voice, too. Have you seen him in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day? One of my favorite movies and he is wonderful in that! :)

Guys find the weirdest things on youtube

Also, I use Google Chrome and I've never had problems with comments. Could be worth a shot.