Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tiny Rose Garden Finished!

Hello my lovelies!

Today I put in the last few beads in Chatelaine's Tiny Rose Garden Mandala!!! Hurrah! I'm so glad it's over.  Beautiful design, but the opalescent fabric drove me mad!! Although the sparkle is divine, the fabric made my stitches all wonky and the thread break multiple times.  Next time I get an opalescent fabric it will be linen!
Love that blur!!
Question: Do you make your beads line up the same way throughout a Chatelaine pattern? I found it quite difficult to do in some sections.
Regardless of imperfections, I think this design will look great in a gold frame over my stitching desk.  I may embark on a larger Chatelaine project next year...we'll see about that though!

Onto squirrels.  Thanks so much for the kind comments on my Chippy.  I know the ornament isn't perfect, but it's cute and no one will see the imperfections on the tree!Funny thing is that both Lynn and Carol posted pictures of squirrels this morning.  The squirrels seem to be popular! I think they're squirrels are adorable, unlike our city squirrels here.  One day, if I'm fast enough, I'll try and post a picture of our scrappy squirrels!

Okay, back to stitching.  I have been pretty busy the past week and weekend to actually start or finish my projects.  I am rethinking some of my Christmas gifts this year.  My mom will still get something stitched, but I think my sister will get something sewn up.  The need for fabric and sewing tools is dire! I ran to the fabric store yesterday to get a bunch of materials I needed for projects and came out only with a few things from my list.  That means I need to make another trip to the downtown fabric store, to get the rest of my materials.  This seems to be the story of my life: running around like a chicken with her head cut off while time runs out! Now my weekends are getting booked fast with upcoming parties: a stagette, a bridal shower, my mom's birthday, our Christmas tree party, etc.  Hopefully, I will create a twin of myself and she can go run around looking for what I need!!  We all wish that!
This is the materials I have for my hubby's Christmas stocking.  He chose the green and the gold/red fabric and he will be drawing his stocking, since he's the better artist out of the two of us. I think it will be a great stocking! Hopefully, I won't screw up sewing this...I am a bit nervous! Must not be scared, must not be scared......

Here's an update of TBF.  I will be working on her and other multiple projects this upcoming ISHW!!!!I think this is the last free weekend I have, so let's get hermitting!! You can visit Joyce's amazing blog and enter your details to join us!!

So this past weekend, I went to an amazing craft fair, Circle Craft, with one of my best friends.  She and I love to stitch and do crafty things.  Funny thing, is we have never done it together! I suggested to her, while we were browsing all the wondrous craft stalls, that we should get together and have a finishing day.  She chooses beautiful designs to stitch but has a hard time to getting them into a frame, box, ornament, you name it.  I think it would be fun to have a craft day: rum, treats, glue and away we go! Um, the glue being USED for projects, nothing else I swear!!!!!!! Here's some delectable cider jelly from the fair.  I'm going to keep the balsamic one for myself, and give the others away!

P.S. Wagapapa is having an amazing first year giveaway!! Click here for the link.

All of you have been so inspiring with your stitching and ornaments, I can't say it enough, thank you!! Hugs to all!!!


Oops, forgot to mention, I found the perfect fabric for that cute Plum Street Sampler ornie!

I want some wooden buttons, but guess what? I don't have any!!! Put those onto the ever growing list for my hologram to buy!!


Parsley said...

Oh my goodness! What quality workmanship! You do great crafting!

valerie said...

OMgosh, so much great stuff! Congrats on your little chat finish! I am thinking of embarking on a big Chat project next year. Thinking! Which one are you looking at? Mine would be Taj Mahal. Maybe we can encourage each other.

Love the fabrics you picked up. Can't wait to see your stocking and ornie finish!

Teacup Fairy is coming right along!

rosey175 said...

How can you stand the beading, omygosh. It's so lovely but but but!!! And on top of sparkly fabric! Your patience is beyond me, haha. But it looks beautiful (like all your projects) so it's worth it~

A finishing day is such an awesome idea, too. Like, really finishing. Not just the stitches. Not that I'm guilty of that... :x

Margaret said...

That Chatelaine finish is spectacular! Congratulations! Love all your stitching. The fabric for the PSS ornie is perfect! Good luck doing your DH's stocking!

Joysze said...


It seems I can't string a proper sentence together, hehehehe. Tiny Rose is fabulous, just fab!!!!

I'll email you more about the beads, I didn't reply till tonight, and you're all done with the gorgeous thing!! :D

Great fabbies your hubby picked out for his stocking. Did you pick out the fabbie for yours? I can't wait to see them. :D

TBF is looking so good!!!!!! More, more, more. :D

Seems like you found some nice stuff at the fair... bet they smell yummy too. :D

Veronica said...

Oh wow, your Tiny Rose Garden Mandala is stunning! I did not realize what a gorgeous design this is until seeing your finish. I get you about that opalescent fabric. The linen one feels so much nicer.


Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish. Love the fabric your husband chose for his stocking. The fabric for your ornie is lovely.

Dovilė said...

very charming little mandala:)
and I love your Sampler ornie, waiting for finished:)

Rowyn said...

The tiny rose garden finish is stunning. Yuletide is really cute too. Such great stitching!

Siobhan said...

Fabulous finish, Anne!! The mandala is gorgeous. Nice progress on your WIP, too.

Mouse said...

ooooo doing a wee happy dance for you ... that looks absolutely gorgeous ... wonderful and well worth the pain you've had ;) well done on your progress on your wip .. love the fabric you've bought for all your projects .... deep breath you can do that stocking :) and when you find out who makes those hologrames let me know ..lol :) love mouse xxxx

Kaisievic said...

Fantastic work, Ann, it is so beautiful. You must have had a very happy dance, indeed.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

cucki said...
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cucki said...

wowwwwwwwwwww wonderful stitching..and the most beautiful finish..well done dear.
i love the sampler ornie so much..another lovely stitching..
keep well..
hugs xx

Carol said...

I think your Tiny Rose Garden finish is fabulous, Anne! I've never stitched anything like it so can't give any advice on the beads, but I'd say whatever you did looks perfect to me :)

Believe me, all of our squirrels aren't as handsome as the one I photographed--he was particularly big and red!

Yes! That fabric will be perfect for your PSS ornament--hope your "double" can find the ideal wooden buttons for you :)

Annie said...

Your finish is just gorgeous! What an accomplishment.

Perfect fabric for your ornament too. Lucky to find the just the right thing!

Ineke said...

Your Tiny Rose Garden is beautiful!
I use to line up the small delica beads throughout the pattern. But the crystals I attach on diagonal lines, or just how they fit the best in my opinion.

Agi said...


The rose garden is simply perfect, and the fabric was a great choice Maybe hard to work with, but beautiful! I treat beads just like Inkene, line them up and arrange the crystals as the design (and my eyes) needs.

Lynn said...

It's so pretty Anne! Congrats on the finish. I'm afraid I can't help you with the beading issue. I've yet to stitch a Chatelaine.
I love the fabric for your hubby's stocking.
Speaking of fabric, your PSS ornament is going to look fabulous with that choice!

Julie said...

Congrat's on a beautiful finish.
Love the choice of fabric's for your other projects.

Vaida said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I really love your Chatelaine finish - these designs are addictive, so be careful (joking). And the PS ornie is great, too!

Sally said...

Wow your Chatelaine looks so pretty Anne. You did a fantastic job.

Looking forward to seeing your husband's stocking.

butterfly said...

Beautiful stitching,wow.
Fabric chose is great.
Have a great day.

Will be popping your little gift in the post on Monday.

Rhona said...

What a wonderful finish! Stunning. I'm a bit funny (or maybe it's ocd!!)about beads all being the 'right way up.I spend ages getting them just right - I'm sad, I know!
Love the fabric you bought for the stocking. Good luck making it - you can do it! :)

Mangogirl said...

oh that is gorgeous! Stunning work with the rose garden:D I've never used beads so I can't tell you!

Meari said...

Beautiful finish! The fabric you chose for the PS ornie is very fitting!

Craft days are so much fun, aren't they?

Pumpkin said...

Absolutely stunning Anne! Gorgeous piece :o)

I agree, there is just not enough time in a day lately. It's starting to become the busy time of year!

Ohhhhh, I love the fabric for your DH's stocking! I'm going to have to start looking for fabric for our little one ;o)

Awesome! That fabric IS perfect! Now you make me want to go fabric shopping ;o) LOL!