Monday, October 24, 2011

Fabric Shopping, Fibers, Finishes and Fall!!

Oooh, alliteration... I love it!

Sometimes I try and think of a clever title for my posts, and it never comes to me, so why not go with some alliteration and make it fun!

As the title says, I went fabric shopping with my friend at probably the worst possible time to shop...the Saturday before Halloween.  We had to squeeze through the shelves of bolted fabric, often toppling over each other and others! I was looking at fabric 5 inches from my face!! At least no one was testy.  Smiles all around, especially when we had to get very close to someone to look at some fabulous polka dotted fabric. After grappling my bolts of fabric, I  purchased 3 new pieces of fabric.I have to say my friend has a fabulous eye for fabrics.  I'll need to go back with her again cause she picks out fabrics that I would never even consider!!
Some great regal fabric for a project I'm making for my friend.
Onto the fibers bit.  My package from came the other day.  My husband picked it up.  He didn't say anything....:D  Then about a week later, he said "So you got your strings?" Shoot...I thought he wouldn't notice!  Ah well, at least he seemed as though he didn't care!!  So yes, I got my strings and I am loving them.  I am a bit disappointed though with the Valdani spool of thread.  I was under the belief it was silk, but it isn't.  The spool also looks a lot larger than I thought...maybe I should ACTUALLY read the size of things, and not skim over the details.

Now to finishes!! I've got two to show you all, even though I finished 3.  I whipped up Shepherd's Bush's Tiny Garden fairly quickly, once I received my WDW threads.  The only thing left to get is some lovely silk ribbon...thinking about HDF silk ribbons.  Never ordered from them before so hopefully the ribbons are good.  Then I finished the Plum Street Sampler's Yuletide ornament.  Still trying to decide if I want to make it into a pinkeep, or a mini pillow ornament.  As for the third finish, I can't post the pictures of it until Valerie receives her package, which I mailed today!
I love this design!
Hubby's Grandma's bumblebee pin

I'll leave you with some more lovely fall photos. I can't believe how wonderful it has been this October.  Not too many rainy days, which is rare for the Lower Mainland!!  About to go on another autumn walk!

Lovely tree lined sidewalk
Chestnuts!! We fed one to a squirrel!
Gorgeous Japanese Maple
This scene evokes the feeling that fairies live here!!
Adorable fluff cat we met along the walk

Until next time,  take care and happy stitching!

PS Thank you all for your lovely comments and advice, I love receiving your warm encouraging words!!



Laura said...

Lovely post!!!! Guess what??? My husband calls fibers strings too!!!! As in, you left some string on the ground over here!

Joysze said...

Strings??!!! ROFLMAO!! That's the first time I've heard that! Strings.... *shakes head*

Lovely fabrics you picked out... whatcha gonna do with the Christmas ones?

Yummy finishes, Anne. I love the Be Happy design too.... so cute!!!!

Gorgeous fall pics... I miss that.

Carol said...

I love alliteration, too, Anne--it IS fun!!

Beautiful finishes and boy do those chestnuts bring back memories. We had several on our street when I was growing up and all of us kids would have "wars" with them. It's amazing someone didn't get an eye poked out!!

Enjoy your new fabrics and threads :)

Annie said...

Your finishes are so pretty. The Plum Street ornie looks so much better than it did in the mag. Much more vibrant colors!

Have fun with your strings!

valerie said...

Why do boys always call it string and not thread?! lol

I love your finishes! The fob is so cute...still need to sew mine up! And the ornie is awesome. Love it!

Fun mail...I can't wait to see what surprises you have in store for me!

Great photos Anne!

Melissa said...

That's so cute your hubby calling them things "strings". Does he imagine you are making lots of cats cradles or something? ;-)

I think you are making lots of lovely things! The stitching bug has taken hold!

Sorry I have been bad replying - still all over the place with loads of different things to do. Hope to catch up with you again for coffee one day...before Christmas at least! Take care!

Margaret said...

Nice fabrics you picked up! I love fabric shopping, but yeah, probably not right before Halloween. lol! Love your two finishes! Just lovely! That bumblebee pin is so cool! And those chestnuts -- so huge!

Teresa said...

Nice finishes, are you going to use the new raindeer fabric on the one. Glad your strings arrived. I never seem to look at the measurements before I order things.
Love the fall.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Lynn said...

Love your new fabric purchases! The reindeer one is awesome!
Fabulous finishes too! I really love those colours in the PSS one.
You're lucky that your weather has remained nice. We had a lovely September but so far October has brought nothing but rain.

Lesleyanne said...

Great autumn photos. Gorgeous finishes. I love your new fabric and threads.

Mouse said...

hehehe giggling here at the strings comment ... that Valdini looks like a perle thread you have ordered ?? lovely finishes and the pin is really cute and thanks for the lovely photos too :) love mouse xxxx

Siobhan said...

LOL at the strings comment!! My DH calls them "treads" because he has fallen into the local dialect where the 'th' sound is said as 't'. LOL We enjoy teasing him over it. I'm glad that your order arrived and oh my gosh, LOVE the fabric! Especially the Christmas fabric on the left in the photo.

Congratulations on the finishes!! I enjoyed the autumnal photos... it's been so gray here that it's nice to see that the sun does shine somewhere!

cucki said...

hello dear, i love your new fabrics..they are all so lovely..and the new threads are so yummyyy..
lovely finishes..i love your stitching so much and great autumn pictures..
enjoy your day dear xxx

Kate said...

The threads are gorgeous. We have had a really mild winter :) We have a lot of 'chestnuts' where we are only we call them 'conkers'! Lovely finishes too.

Ewa said...

Lovely photos and finishes! It's so nice to see it again, we don't ever get fall colors here.

Pumpkin said...

Great fabric and string ;o) ROFL!

Chestnuts! Love them :o) We see them all over the roads here.

Sally said...

I love your finishes. I really like the Plum Street Samplers one. The colours are just gorgeous.

Lots of lovely fabric and threads!

Veronica said...

Love all your autumny pictures. Thanx for sharing. Cute fabrics you got there, especially the reindeers.

LOL! Strings... They look yummy. I highly recommend HDF silk ribbons. I buy them all the time. They're great!

Last but not least, beautiful stitching. Look forward to seeing the third one :)


SewAmy said...

The Christmas fabric is so cute. And I love your stitch work.